Thursday, January 17, 2013

YWF Weekly Line-up:

Just thought i'd let u guys know what to expect if i blog on these days:

Mondays: Found & Faved: Starting the week with something cool that I found to get u jazzed for the week

Tuesday's Chooseday: Expect the unexpected (duh duh duh duh)

Wednesdays-aka WTF (Wednesday The Findoutday): Answering all the ?s u guys ask/tweet me 

True Story Thursdays: which involves me telling u all the crazy stuff that happens in my freaking freshman life

Fangirling Fridays: Get ur tissue box & waterproof mascara, cuz im about to tell u who's dating who

Ranter Day Saturdays:Just because I survived the week without killing anyone...doesn't mean i'm not still pissed!

How to Survive-Sundays: the How to, What, when, how, why u can do cool things when ur not being lazy, cuz lets face it, we all r

*Soo basically it just depends on what days I get off my lazy butt & blog...This is just temporary to c how things go...tell/tweet me what u guys think

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> AHHH! Soo much excitement, I just had to press this button again

                                              ~ Crazy Freshman That U Hopefully Still <3>

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