Saturday, January 26, 2013

New Semester Blues

So far freshman year has been goin pretty good. No real drama, or big class problems, just ya know average little things. Then all of the sudden the new semester started this last Tuesday, so obviously that means we have to make up for all the drama we din't have last semester. Soo anyways here's all that happened in these past 4 days:

 Two of my best friends broke up & didn't tell me! (The respect for 3rd wheels is no longer) Soo obviously that means I had to spend the rest of the week hopping back & forth between bffs. Then we had to sit by each other in Bible, with me in the middle-taco bout awkward!! (As some of u normal readers can see the Styler label has been deleted :()

I made a new enemy without her even knowing it...I can't explain...yet. But trust me, this I have a good reason.

I found out 2 of my friends secrets, which concern 4 of my other friends, in a bad way, and even though I should tell them about, I promised I wouldn't say anything. I just can't win.

One of my friends was a total (insert any offensive cuss word here) to one of my bffs, & said horrrrible things.

I'm still trying to patch up my relationship with a friend and it's not goin very well-why can't we be friends? Idk, i'm a freshman.

& the worst...there are no cute boys that I will realistically date--this is probably not the last time u'll see this.

                                            ~Freshman Ranter

Thursday, January 24, 2013

I Get You Bro

That awkward moment when someone's talking about something they did, & everyone else is just confused because they don't understand the real meaning of it, but u do. So u both look at each other like "I get u"

Lol, just happened today with my best guy friend and a broken seashell. I might tell u guys the whole story next week...

                                       ~I Get Teens

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What's Wrong Wednesday

Hey guys, soo I know it's Findout Wednesday, and I'm supposed to answer all the questions you guys have asked me on twitter or what not, but today two of my best friends broke up today, and my heart's just not in it...

                                            ~No Longer A Third Wheel

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Found & Faved: Legend

I was walking through Barnes & Nobles with my aunt and I see this book, Legend, it has a cool cover, and one of their staff members recommended it so I got it. Turns out it's a great book! I'm still in the middle of reading it, but so far I love it...It's loosely based off of Les Miserables-sort of a modern day version of it. And I recommend it to anyone who's read the Hunger Games or Divergent.

It's about this well known criminal, Day, who the Republic just can't catch. It's also about high class military prodigy, June who's brother Metias is killed. June swears that she will find and kill Metias' killer, who everyone suspects is Day. But not everything is always as it seems....

Author: Marie Lu

Genre: Sci-Fi, Romance, Futuristic, Thriller

Where to Find: Barnes and Nobles, Hastings

Next Book: Prodigy

Check it out!!!


Friday, January 18, 2013

Don't Look Back Britney

Soo let's all face it, we were all disappointed with the whole Britney leaving the X-Factor thingy, but that's not the only that's changed in her life...apparently her & her fiancee, Jason Trawick are calling it quits even before the marriage.

        Even though they're all "oh it's better this way" and "it was the right thing to do", I read some article that said that Britney was pretty broken up about it.

Why did they break up, because Britney wanted to slap on those rings, but Jason just wasn't ready for that. Soo after over 3 years, the couple is over.

 Hang on Britney:
                   It's been a decade since 2003, and 5 years since 2008 hopefully Britney doesn't have any other uhh issues this year because of this...hang in there girl, don't look back!!!


Thursday, January 17, 2013

YWF Weekly Line-up:

Just thought i'd let u guys know what to expect if i blog on these days:

Mondays: Found & Faved: Starting the week with something cool that I found to get u jazzed for the week

Tuesday's Chooseday: Expect the unexpected (duh duh duh duh)

Wednesdays-aka WTF (Wednesday The Findoutday): Answering all the ?s u guys ask/tweet me 

True Story Thursdays: which involves me telling u all the crazy stuff that happens in my freaking freshman life

Fangirling Fridays: Get ur tissue box & waterproof mascara, cuz im about to tell u who's dating who

Ranter Day Saturdays:Just because I survived the week without killing anyone...doesn't mean i'm not still pissed!

How to Survive-Sundays: the How to, What, when, how, why u can do cool things when ur not being lazy, cuz lets face it, we all r

*Soo basically it just depends on what days I get off my lazy butt & blog...This is just temporary to c how things go...tell/tweet me what u guys think

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                                              ~ Crazy Freshman That U Hopefully Still <3>

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Found and Faved: The Civil Wars

Soo checkin' out singer/songwriter on iTunes, and #23 was Poison and Wine by The Civil Wars & even though it's an...unique name, I loooved it. Then I checked out there other songs, and they are a reallly great group. Check 'em out!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

My Style of Clothing

1) comfortable
2) not uncomfortable
3) ....&...umm...comfy, sure, why not?

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Third Wheelin'

Well, one day my dating bffs-Styler- were having their usual romantical banter, and I was just standing there like, that's a nice wall...

Friday, January 11, 2013

When I'm Bored

Soo my friend asks sarcastically what do i do in my spare time, and I flat out said blog, just wanted to let u guys know i use u fir my witty comebacks...& i strongly suggest u use that if ur friends ask u that question, they get the funniest look on their faces ;)

                                                  ~Bored Blogger

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2013 Catchphrases

Just thought I'd tell u guys the new top catchphrases of 2013--at least at my school anyways...

#1-Nope like Ron Pope

#2-Who borned u?

#3-I'm a single pringle

#4-What the actual fresh hell?


*just thought i'd keep u guys updated on 2013 :)

                                          ~The Single Pringle

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Sunday, January 6, 2013

My Theory: Finals

My theory on finals, is that the week before finals is actually harder than actual final week. I mean so far, we've got tons of homework, we have huge projects due, we actually have to study for the next week, and we have to make sure that we r passing all r classes. Then the next week we have to actually take the finals... Is there any justice?

                                          ~ One Who Has No Life Whatsoever

Friday, January 4, 2013

Found & Faved: Wendy Nguyen

Although I'm not a huge fashion freak, ever since we got uniforms, I find myself looking for cool ways to accessorize more and more. Soo I looked up scarf tutorials on YouTube & this video came up of Wendy Nguyen showing how to make 25 scarf looks in 4.5 minutes & was awesome! I tried one of them & if I say so myself it looked pretty good. U can find other of Wendy's great fashion tips here:

Check her out!!

                                           ~Fashion Guru (sort of)