Saturday, January 26, 2013

New Semester Blues

So far freshman year has been goin pretty good. No real drama, or big class problems, just ya know average little things. Then all of the sudden the new semester started this last Tuesday, so obviously that means we have to make up for all the drama we din't have last semester. Soo anyways here's all that happened in these past 4 days:

 Two of my best friends broke up & didn't tell me! (The respect for 3rd wheels is no longer) Soo obviously that means I had to spend the rest of the week hopping back & forth between bffs. Then we had to sit by each other in Bible, with me in the middle-taco bout awkward!! (As some of u normal readers can see the Styler label has been deleted :()

I made a new enemy without her even knowing it...I can't explain...yet. But trust me, this I have a good reason.

I found out 2 of my friends secrets, which concern 4 of my other friends, in a bad way, and even though I should tell them about, I promised I wouldn't say anything. I just can't win.

One of my friends was a total (insert any offensive cuss word here) to one of my bffs, & said horrrrible things.

I'm still trying to patch up my relationship with a friend and it's not goin very well-why can't we be friends? Idk, i'm a freshman.

& the worst...there are no cute boys that I will realistically date--this is probably not the last time u'll see this.

                                            ~Freshman Ranter

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