Thursday, May 23, 2013


So it's almost the end of the year here..1 more week of actual school and then finals week. And while all the seniors have "senioritis" about leaving high school, the rest of us are just over with this year, it's been fun, but we're ready to move on. But I have to admit this tear went by sooo fast and it's gonna be weird not being a freshman, but I've done some pretty freshman-y things lately which I'll tell u guys about later, but let's just say...I definitely need a break.

What about u guys, yes or no to school ending?

                                      ~Almost Sophomore

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Found and Faved: Awkward-The Series

I found MTV's Awkward listening to an add for it on Pandora & let's just love it!

Basically a girl who no one really noticed before's clumsy accident is taken for a suicide attempt, and she gets the attention she's always wanted-just in the negative way. It surrounds her relationships with her & her friends, parents, and boys.

It's real and believable  Hilarious but serious, this show is for anyone who has a life that has ever been, well awkward...or just downright unbelievable. I recommend watching it in order, cause then life is just so much more less complicated(:

                                          ~Fan of Awkward(ness)