Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Clumsy, but Loveable

This post is about all the clumsy things that happened today-maybe it's just clumsy Tuesday.

*So, my BFF was eating an apple today & it almost fell out of her hand, but she caught it. Then she got up and immediately tripped on her bag, and almost fell over. Hilars.

*I threw this paper behind me on purpose & it hit my friend in the face, then without me knowing he stuck the little paper back in my hair & I didn't even notice until about 30min later & of course I pick that day to answer questions in class.

*Idk why, but I cannot type or talk for the life of me, I was quizzing the same friend & I kept messing up what I was saying & of course he ridiculed me for it :/ Karma, where are u when I need u?

>>Soo whaddya guys think, should I devote Tuesday's to telling ya'all about the clumsy things that happen? tell me what u think below!
>>Also wanted to kinda have a day where u guys can ask me questions, any particular day in mind? Good or bad idea? Comment below :)


                                                              ~Cluuumsy-the 8th dwarf

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