Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pancakes, More Like Pa(i)n in the Cakes...

So for r ELS(Essential Living Skills) class, we had to make pancakes with r lab partners-mine r one of my good girl friends & the other is my "best friend" even though me & him don't get along a lot of the time....anyways, yesterday, my actual friend was gone & i was stuck with...him...baking...
Soo here's some of the stupid things the two of us did:
I forgot to beat the egg...& added water without beating it
He couldn't turn on the stove
I took so long putting chocolate chips in the pancakes in the pan, some of them burned
He put one pancake on the plate, picked it up & put it back in the pan
We didn't put enough flour in, so r pancakes came out like tiny flappy saucers
We argued over chocolate chips
We argued over cups
We argued over stupid syrup...& when we did, r teacher laughed at us & thought we were "hilarious", even though we were about to kill each other-literally.

But today he gave me chips, so we're best friends again..for now

                                            ~Aunt Jemima

P.S.So that's what's new with me, what's new with u guys? Comment me below or dm on twitter!!

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